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Hefe-Weizen Natural Wheat

The iconic brew – it defines the style. 

It’s the #1 wheat beer in Germany and one of the world’s favorites. In fact, beer experts call it a masterpiece. In developing this beer, the Paulaner brew masters have perfected a unique technique with “yeast suspension”, resulting in a uniform slightly cloudy appearance, consistent quality and perfect taste.

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This traditional unfiltered Hefe-Weizen is naturally cloudy and warm silky gold under a really strong head of foam. At first mouthful, some will detect a hint of banana aroma. Fine palates perceive trace of mango and pineapple and the balance between sweet and bitter. Overall, beer connoisseurs appreciate the incomparable flavor of Paulaner Hefe-Weizen for its perfectly balanced mix of aromas and refreshing taste. It’s a superb beergarden or outdoor drinking bier. Prost!

*Source: Nielsen, LEH + GAM o. ALN, Market share sales Weissbier, containing alcohol, 2013

Our brewmaster and beer sommelier Martin Zuber demonstrates how to pour a Paulaner Weißbier correctly and reveals the secret behind the unique taste of our classic Weißbier.

Pair with...

Paulaner Hefe-Weizen Natural Wheat harmonizes pefectly with a traditional and hearty Bavarian snack with pretzels and some tasty Obatzda, the traditional savoury cheese spread.

For maximum refreshment and taste, serve at 7°C (44.6°F).


  • Bottle 16.9 oz (0,5l)
  • Bottle 11.2 oz (0,33l)
  • Truckloader 6 x 11.2oz
  • 12 Pack 11.2oz
  • 24 Pack 11.2oz
Bottle 16.9 oz (0,5l)Bottle 11.2 oz (0,33l)Truckloader 6 x 11.2oz12 Pack 11.2oz24  Pack 11.2oz


Our Hefe-Weizen Natural Wheat is brewed with the following

Malt varieties

  • Light wheat malt
  • Dark wheat malt
  • Pilsner malt
  • Munich Malt

More about our malt...

The Paulaner 3-Litre tower – the championship glass you can tap yourself. Our brewmaster Martin Zuber explains how it works.