Brewed in Munich, Beloved Worldwide

The Paulaner Brewery has been a part of the tradition of brewing since 1634. But Paulaner beers are well known and loved far beyond the beergardens of Munich, and even the borders of Germany. Today Paulaner beer is enjoyed in more than 70 countries around the globe. Of course no matter where on earth a Paulaner beer is enjoyed, each and every one is brewed in Munich in full accordance to the Bavarian Purity Law. Paulaner’s brewmasters are proud to share the passion, quality, and tradition that personifies Munich with beer drinkers all over the world.

Paulaner Bräuhäuser

Paulaner Bräuhaus restaurants are at home all over the world. Whether in Munich, Shanghai, Moscow or Singapore, they have developed into solid institutions worldwide. With their micro breweries and very own Paulaner brewmasters, Paulaner Bräuhaus restaurants offer a unique combination of Bavarian tradition and Munich lifestyle with the Paulaner brand. A prominent eye-catching feature among the Bräuhaus locations are the copper brewing kettles with their glowing pipes and fittings. We’re happy to welcome you in any of our locations!

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Münchner Lager

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Oktoberfest Märzen

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Oktoberfest Bier

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Weizen Radler 0.0%

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Grapefruit Radler

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