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Committed in the marketplace

Paulaner is committed

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"Paulaner engagiert" means "Paulaner is committed" – a motto that guides our social responsibility. As the company’s majority shareholder is a family, long-term success is of huge importance to us. And long-term success requires a stable environment. That’s why for us, sustainability means being a reliable partner and always taking the long-term view. This is the standard we set ourselves in all our work, and it determines our relationships with suppliers, society and the environment in equal measure.

Enjoying beer responsibly

Beer is a cultural asset that embodies vitality, relaxation and conviviality. There are many moments in life that are made even better with a freshly tapped beer.

Beer is meant to be enjoyed and one should consciously take their time. We promote responsible consumption and do a great deal in the fight against alcoholism. We also support the campaign of the German Brewers Association “enjoying beer responsibly”.

The following principles guide our actions. Furthermore, we are committed to ensure that our partners in retail trade and restaurants also follow these principles:

  • We stand for enjoying beer responsibly. We promote the responsible consumption of beer and educate consumers on the fundamentals of mindfully enjoying beer.
  • We combat alcohol abuse. We actively participate in the fight against alcohol abuse by promoting prevention and providing information. We are open to partnerships with relevant social groups as well as public organizations.
  • We are against drinking and driving. We call on you to refrain from consuming alcohol when operating a vehicle.
  • We promote the protection of minors. We support our distribution partners in retail trade and restaurants in complying with the legal regulations for the protection of minors, in particular the enforcement of the 16 years of age limit on beer sales.
  • We advertise responsibly. Our beer advertisements are never directed toward minors. We do not use advertising slogans geared toward minors nor do we use media primarily used by minors. We comply with the code of conduct of the German Advertising Council for all our advertising as well as all other forms of consumer communication.

Business relationships

We see ourselves as part of the regional economy. Wherever possible, we source our malt from Bavarian malting plants and our hops from the nearby Hallertau hop-growing area. Even our packaging comes from regional suppliers. We believe in nurturing long-term partnerships and signing long-term contracts with our suppliers. When sourcing malt, we work with both maltsters and farmers in order to guarantee the highest quality and ensure that our malt continues to come from regional suppliers long into the future.

We also help our customers to achieve success in the marketplace. For instance, we provide restaurateurs and bar owners with a wide range of training programmes giving them the commercial acumen they need to manage their businesses.