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The Pils with character

The colour is a brilliant bright yellow, the head pure white, the taste harmonious with a note of hops and pleasantly dry. The very first taste already shows that this beer is a masterpiece of the brewmasters: Full of flavour, elegant and refreshing. A Pils which even northern beer fans appreciate.

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The Paulaner Pils is strictly brewed by the Pilsen brewing method – using the finest Hallertauer hops. They provide the typical dry aroma, which is slightly less spicy than that of many northern German sorts. This makes the Paulaner Pils so unique: It is dry, with a full taste but mild – really harmonious. Beer sommeliers are always captivated by its intensive, thick head. Fans of Paulaner beer like to tell the story when they offer a toast that Pils originally comes from Bohemia but was invented by a farmer from Southern Germany. The Paulaner Pils is a tribute to him. Our special recommendation: The rather intensive hop flavour harmonizes particularly well with fresh mushroom dishes. The classic: Mushrooms in cream sauce with dumplings.

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What goes best with it

The Paulaner Pils tastes very good in combination with the aromatic taste of fresh mushrooms. We especially recommend mushroom goulash with pretzel dumplings Bavarian style.

In addition to this meal enjoy Pils best at 7°C for an unforgettable feast.


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