Paulaner & FC Bayern München Two Munich originals on the road to success

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Success and emotion, tradition and future, home and internationality – this is what the Paulaner Brewery and FC Bayern München stand for. The two traditional Munich brands have been celebrating goals, titles, and triumphs together for many years. Always in focus: The FCB fans around the world.

With Paulaner, fans toast their FCB in the Allianz Arena, fulfill their fan dreams and celebrate their FC Bayern München with the famous 3-liter glasses.

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Only the Bavarians celebrate in this way

What belongs to FC Bayern titles as much as the foam crown belongs on a fresh, non-alcoholic Paulaner Weißbier? The weissbier showers after winning the German championship. Stars and coaches, fans and media representatives from the world’s press feverishly await this emotional highlight every season.
In 2019, Paulaner invited 2.500 fans to the Fan Fest following the championship celebration. Together with their stars, they celebrated the historic seventh championship in a row at Munich’s Nockherberg.

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Stars in lederhosen

At the photo shoot for Paulaner, players and coaches of FC Bayern Munich swap jerseys for folk costumes and are enthusiastic about “Krachlederner” and “Haferl” shoes. For most newcomers, the photo shoot is also their first contact with traditional Bavarian dress – and the beginning of a great love.
During the team’s official “Oktoberfest visit,” Paulaner offers a fresh Paulaner to players and officials from the record champion team at the Oktoberfest.

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Fans enjoy soccer and Paulaner in the Allianz Arena

Celebrate FC Bayern München at home games and enjoy a freshly pulled Paulaner: Paulaner brewery welcomes visitors to the Allianz Arena with the best of Munich brewing art.
Whether in the Paulanergarden on the esplanade, in the Paulaner fan meeting zone, or at any of the many stands: Fans always get fresh and mature Paulaner beer specialties during the FC Bayern München home games.

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Paulaner Fan dreams - Win a unique experience

Paulaner’s Fan Dreams campaign has been offering the fans of the record champion the chance to have unique and invaluable experiences with FC Bayern München and its stars since 2016.
In 2018, the winners watched the cup final in Berlin and had a unique “Oktoberfest weekend” with Giovanne Elber, brewed the “beer of champions” with Javi Martinez and made the “selfie of your life” with the FC Bayern team. We will continue this unique fan campaign in 2019. Find out everything you need to know at

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The beer of champions

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Selfie of your lifetime

Every goal a Hell beer (blonde lager) - Free beer for the fans

As an FC Bayern partner, Paulaner is, above all, a partner of the club’s fans. The brewery donates 100 liters of free beer to FC Bayern fans for every goal the team makes in the national league. That give fans a double reason to celebrate at an FC Bayern game.
Traditionally the free beer is generously rounded up by Paulaner. In one of the first home games of the new season, Paulaner then gives this free beer to the visitors in the Allianz Arena.

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New: Meet the FC Bayern Legends at the Oktoberfest

Experience FC Bayern Munich at its Oktoberfest home game and then meet the FCB Legends team in person in the Paulaner beer tent: It will be the Oktoberfest weekend of your life!

Travel to Munich at the invitation of Paulaner at the start of the Oktoberfest, cheer on FC Bayern Munich in its game against FC Cologne and visit the world’s biggest folk festival. Raise your glass in the Paulaner beer tent with the FCB Legends team and meet legends like Giovane Elber, Luca Toni or Ivica Olic in person.

Find all information at

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