Same beer in a new look!
Even as a company rooted in tradition, we always strive to keep up with the times and to continually update our products and image. To make it even easier for you to find our beer on the shelves, we have developed a new bottle with a unique shape.


Thank you for questions about and feedback to our products. Please note that it might take us a few work days to gather all the information necessary for a reply.

Reservations at the Oktoberfest

Please note that reservations for seats at the Oktoberfest can only be made via the offices of the respective tents. We can not offer reservations via the brewery. For more information, please go to:

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bottle int x wb

Weissbier 0,0%

bottle int x hwbd

Weissbier Dunkel

bottle int x mh

Münchner Hell

bottle int x ofb

Oktoberfest Bier

bottle int x sal