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Committed to the environment

Paulaner is committed

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"Paulaner engagiert" means "Paulaner is committed" – a motto that guides our social responsibility. As the company’s majority shareholder is a family, long-term success is of huge importance to us. And long-term success requires a stable environment. That’s why for us, sustainability means being a reliable partner and always taking the long-term view. This is the standard we set ourselves in all our work, and it determines our relationships with suppliers, society and the environment in equal measure.

Eco-friendly production

Only an intact environment can ensure the impeccable quality of water, malt and hops over time - the natural raw materials needed for our Paulaner beer. Therefore, environmental protection is in our own best interest as well and has been an essential component of our corporate principles for many years.

In 1998, the Paulaner brewery introduced an environment management standard in the form of the Eco Audit. A DIN ISO 14001 certification soon followed in 2003. Since November 2013 the brewery has obtained an additional EMAS III certification, the highest EU environmental management standard available.

Numerous projects, suggestions for improvements and the continuous investment in energy-saving production facilities have helped make Paulaner one of the breweries with the lowest power-, heat- and water consumption per hectolitre in Germany today. The CO2 emissions from our combustion plants have decreased by about 70% since 1990, despite an increase in beer production.

More details can be found in the Paulaner environmental report (only in German).