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Münchner Urtyp

The golden standard of the Paulaner product range

Brewed stronger and with a higher wort content than the Münchner Hell, Münchner Urtyp shines in the glass like the sun on a late summer day in Bavaria. A Lager in its most concentrated form. Strong malt aroma impresses, followed by the clear, rounded flavour of Hallertau hops – with a surprising note of apples. An ideal combination, which adds a characteristic note of gentle bitterness to the more intensive flavours of the original wort. Soft, strong and full-flavoured. An amber celebration of beergarden culture.

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Münchner Urtyp has always been an export hit, because it was originally brewed for export only. The higher original wort content and therefore higher alcohol content, gives the beer a longer shelf life. That’s how Münchner Urtyp could be supplied to pubs and restaurants outside of Munich in the old days without the need for modern refrigeration. It is still exported all over the world today. Bavarians still remain loyal to their favourite local beer, which is usually drunk at traditional festivals. This beer is a feast for the eye – amber golden with a fine head as white as snow. And a feast for the palate as well. The sommelier tastes apple tart and raisins. Beer fans rejoice in its mildness, which comes from the fine softness of the glacier water from the brewery’s own wells. This characterful beer goes perfectly with any light sausage salad or mild cheese. And, of course, with anyone who appreciates a very special beer.

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What goes best with it

Our Münchner Urtyp completes a light dish to a delicate composition. Therefore we recommend trying a fresh Bavarian sausage salad, which suits the unique taste of our Urtyp perfectly.

Just be sure to serve the Münchner Urtyp at the ideal temperature of 7°C for best taste.




Our Münchner Urtyp is brewed with the following

Hop varieties

  • Herkules
  • Taurus
  • Hallertauer Tradition

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Malt varieties

  • Pilsner malt (light barley malt)

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Munich family:

  • Münchner Hell
  • Münchner Hell Non-Alcoholic
  • Münchner Urtyp
  • Münchner Dunkel