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Paulaner & FC Bayern München

Paulaner & FC Bayern München – Two Munich originals on the road to success

Success and emotion, tradition and future, Bavaria and internationality - this is what the Paulaner brewery and FC Bayern München stand for. For many years, the two traditional brands have been celebrating goals, titles and triumphs together, always keeping the focus on their fans all over the world. For this reason, FC Bayern likes to make regular stopovers during their trips abroad at Paulaner Bräuhäuser in Germany, China, Russia, Indonesia, Singapore and in the USA. Many of the 27 Bavarian oases hold public viewings of Bayern München matches. Fans can root for FC Bayern with a fresh Paulaner and authentic Bavarian food.

Only FC Bayern celebrates like this

The Weissbier shower is a traditional part of celebrating championships in Germans. The team, as well as the fans and press, see it as the highlight of a successful season. This ritual captures the joy of winning the title and embodies the Bavarian heart of FC Bayern - a ritual, which so far, no coach has been able to avoid.

Stars in Lederhosn

The Paulaner photo shoot is, for most of the new FC Bayern players, their first encounter with traditional Bavarian clothing. The players and coach are thrilled to wear the Bavarian traditional shirt, Lederhosn and traditional shoes – and they wear them proudly for Oktoberfest. Every year Paulaner invites the whole team and the officials of the record champions for an official "Wiesn Besuch" (Oktoberfest visit) to share a cold beer in one of the many Paulaner Oktoberfest tents.

Play against the stars of FC Bayern Munich

Playing against international superstars like Philipp Lahm, Arjen Robben and Manuel Neuer – isn’t that the dream of every FC Bayern Munich fan? As a long-standing partner of the champion record holders, Paulaner made this dream come true from 2011 until 2015 with the Paulaner Cup, launching the largest football castings in the world.
This competition is about much more than “just” football. Each player’s personality, hard work and love for FC Bayern are just as important as their football skills. That’s why every amateur football player has a chance to live out their dream at the Paulaner Cup. Kickers from all around the world took advantage of this opportunity to apply.
The best candidates were nominated for the Paulaner dream team at castings and training camps by a prominent jury consisting of Waldemar Hartmann, Paul Breitner and Raimond Aumann. Players from all over Europe, the USA and China played the game of their lives at the grand finale – in front of thousands of spectators and broadcasted  live on TV.

Hall of fame for fan clubs

The Paulaner brewery is very aware of how important the support of fans is and therefore founded the Hall of Fan in 2007. Until 2011 over 70 highly committed fan clubs were accepted into this hall of fame and immortalized in the Allianz Arena. Due to the enormous interest of qualified fan clubs it is impossible to make a fair selection and therefore Paulaner’s hall of fame is no longer accepting new applications until further notice. The current members are listed below.

  • 1. Oldie Fanclub 2000 ÜfÜ
  • 1.Fanclub Bayern München Red Bulls Bocholt e.V.
  • Allgäu-Kurve 86 Rammingen e.V.
  • Bavaria Burgwald
  • Bayern Fan Club Aiglsbach Hallertau
  • Bayern Fan-Club Gammertingen e.V.
  • Bayern Fanclub Bad Feilnbach 05 e.V.
  • Bayern Fanclub Erda
  • Bayern Kings 1987 Selters/Ts.
  • Bayern München Fanclub Frankenhöhe e.V.
  • Bayern München Fanclub Parkstein
  • Bayern-Freunde Lonsheim 85
  • Bayern-Power`92 Adelsdorf e.V.
  • Bayernfanclub Saaletal e.V.
  • BAYERNFREUNDE ´95 Unterallgäu e. V.
  • De Alztaler, Altenmarkt
  • de-roud-weißen neifinger
  • Die 13 Höslwanger
  • Die Elche
  • Die Kaisertreuen 1995
  • Elztalclub
  • Fan Club Weisel 1980 e.V
  • Fan-Club Gersprenztal/Odenwald e.V.
  • Fanclub-Viva-Bavaria
  • FC Bayern - Fanclub Hofherrnweiler e.V. - Freundeskreis Aalen-West -
  • FC Bayern Fan Club Emertsham
  • FC Bayern Fanclub - Die rodn Waginga
  • FC Bayern Fanclub Bayernfreaks Hohentengen
  • FC Bayern Fanclub Bodenmais 1985
  • FC Bayern Fanclub Fridolfing
  • FC Bayern Fanclub Insingen Champions 2001
  • FC Bayern Fanclub Mietraching e.V.
  • FC Bayern Fanclub Nabburg/Oberpfalz
  • FC Bayern Fanclub Röslau 92 e.V.
  • FC Bayern Fanclub Rot-Süß Boos e.V.
  • FC Bayern Fanclub Straubing`93
  • FC Bayern Fanclub ´´Schau´n mer mal ´95´´Bad Sooden-Allendorf
  • FC Bayern München Fan Club Friedrichshafen
  • FC Bayern München Fan Club Merkendorf
  • FC Bayern München Fanclub Floss e.V.
  • FC Bayern-Fanclub Rot Wei??e Adler Lana
  • FC Bayern-Fanclub Sesslach
  • FC.Bayern Fanclub Bavaria 1989 Kemnath
  • FCB-Fanclub Union Natternbach
  • Friesenbazis Wiesmoor
  • Gulp 82 Dittelbrunn
  • Gute Freunde Brannenburg
  • Hauzenberger Bayern-Power
  • Heuberg Bazis 99 Heinstetten
  • Hirschberg - Bazis Taxöldern e.V.
  • Im Herzen der Schwalm
  • Mia san mia - Schalding l.d.D.
  • OAL-Power-Beichelstein
  • Obing`84
  • PFIFF - Untermain
  • Pomperlbuam
  • Red Boys Ha??furt
  • Red Bulls Taubenbach e.V.
  • Red Kinis 99
  • Red Residenz Coburg 01
  • Red Stars Attenhausen e.V.
  • Red-White-China-Dietfurt
  • Red-White-Grizzlies e.V. Grafenau
  • Rhön-Bazis ´96
  • Rollwagerl 93 e.V.
  • Rot-Weiss-Orion
  • Rot-Weisse-Traun Traunstein
  • Schießamer Red-White Dynamite e.V.
  • Schweppermann Kastl e.V.
  • Seeoner Seedeife´n
  • Wendlandbazis