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Committed to the region

Paulaner is committed

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"Paulaner engagiert" means "Paulaner is committed" – a motto that guides our social responsibility. As the company’s majority shareholder is a family, long-term success is of huge importance to us. And long-term success requires a stable environment. That’s why for us, sustainability means being a reliable partner and always taking the long-term view. This is the standard we set ourselves in all our work, and it determines our relationships with suppliers, society and the environment in equal measure.

„Your Isar river“ & Paulaner

We have been brewing Paulaner beer in a part of Munich called the “Munich Au“ since 1634, with the purpose of using our natural resources responsibly throughout the entire brewing process. A key ingredient in all of our products is the tertiary water obtained from our brewery’s own 240 metre (~800 ft.) deep well.

We would also like to support being environmentally responsible in our close recreational area along the Isar river. This Munich main artery is a popular destination for barbecuing, celebrating, frolicking in the water and getting exercise, but unfortunately these activities leave their mark. Garbage often remains well after the evening festivities, which puts Munich’s quality of life at risk.

As a brewery steeped in Munich tradition, preservation of this valuable recreational area in our hometown is dear to our hearts, hence our involvement in “Deine Isar – Your Isar river” since 2013. This non-profit organization founded by Hartmut Keitel sets its sights on creating awareness of keeping the river and its banks clean. "Your Isar" appeals to the responsibility of the Isar visitors and promotes a respectful approach in relating to this wonderful part of Munich.

As their main sponsor, Paulaner enables the realization of this important project through, e.g., the shooting of a clip aired in local movie theaters, clean-up campaigns, fundraising and presentations at local festivals, as well as Isar information classes at schools. That is how we play a part so we can all continue enjoying our beautiful Munich river in the future.

More information on the initiative “Deine Isar“ can be found at or on Facebook at .

Broad regional engagement

When it comes to our other social commitments, we again place a strong focus on our region. For example, we support the Josef Schörghuber Stiftung für Münchner Kinder, a local non-profit organisation that helps the children of Munich. Every year, this organisation enables numerous disadvantaged children, young people and adults from Munich to go on holidays and take part in leisure activities. Paulaner supports the organisation’s fundraising events by donating in-kind contributions worth tens of thousands of euros each year. Whether we are contributing to the Josef Schörghuber Stiftung für Münchner Kinder, supporting other social organisations or donating a bell to the Maria-Hilf-Kirche (a local church), we stand behind our home region.