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Finest Munich art of brewing

The finest Munich art of brewing since 1634

For almost 400 years Paulaner has been part of the Bavarian way of life and a synonym for the finest Munich art of brewing. In the year 1634 the Paulaner monks of Kloster Neudeck ob der Au began to brew beer. Since then, we have become an established part of the culture, tradition and history of Munich. As a result of our many years of experience in brewing and our deep devotion to the finest Munich art of brewing as well as respecting the Bavarian Purity Law, we guarantee the highest level of quality and taste.

Best Ingredients

The secret behind the good taste is the use of the finest ingredients. As a brewery with an open and cosmopolitan approach, we soon looked beyond the boundaries of Munich to the world outside. Yet, we never lost sight of our home and traditions. Our brewmasters buy their hops directly from the local hop growing area of the Hallertau. Their close contact enables us to carry out a program of quality control and to realize long-term contracts with local growers at our own back door. The brewmaster’s team carries out personal checks and tests to guarantee the quality and oversee the harvesting of the hops, barley and malt. They weigh, rub and smell the various samples to be sure that they have selected only the finest raw ingredients.