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Paulaner Salvator

This is the original Paulaner, the founding beer of Paulaner. The Salvator double bock is a bottom-fermented beer and has been brewed in almost exactly the same way since the end of the 18th century. It combines the most delicate of hops and dark barley malt to give a strong, characteristically malty taste and an inviting, gleaming copper colour.

  • Liquid nourishment

    The Paulaner monks drank Salvator as a substitute for food during Lent. The most famous brewer of all was Brother Barnabas who ran the Paulaner monastery brewery starting in 1773. To this day, his original recipe remains almost unaltered. In order to protect the original, Paulaner registered the “Salvator” trademark with the Patent Office in 1896.


    Original gravity

    18.3 %


    7.9 % vol.


    71 Kcal/100ml
  • Packaging

    • The 0.33 l bottle Quenches your thirst and ideal for parties. Enjoy straight from the bottle.
    • The 30/50 l barrel For celebrating and socialising.

The Salvator Festival

Every year during Lent, celebrations take place on the Nockherberg to highlight the
first beer produced by the Paulaner Brewery – Salvator Double Bock.
This was the spot where several hundred years ago the Pauline monk Brother Barnabus first offered his beer to the Prince Elector at the time and thus laid the foundations for the Paulaner Brewery. The Salvator Festival is a kind of small-scale Carnival or mini Oktoberfest. Its high points are the traditional initial ceremonies involving the first double beer tasting and a satirical political cabaret. Brother Barnabas is also in attendance every year – on the Paulaner logo.

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