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Paulaner Münchner Hell

The dream guy from Munich. Gloriously golden blond, extremely elegant and full-bodied. The bubbles fizz perfectly in the glass. The Paulaner Munich Premium Lager is sparkling, light and slightly hoppy – the perfect lager beer.

  • The Biergarten classic

    The classic Munich Biergarten beer loves being poured into a beer mug. The characteristic lager beer is the most consumed beer in Bavaria and is as much a part of Bavaria as the Brezn and the white clouds in the blue sky.
  • Ingredients

    Original gravity

    11.5 %


    4.9 % vol.


    42 Kcal/100ml


  • The 0.33 l bottle Quenches your thirst and ideal for parties. Enjoy straight from the bottle.
  • The 0.5 l bottle Is and remains a classic. Of course, the 0.5 l bottles are also available in a practical two-person crate containing 20 bottles.
  • The handy six-pack With 6 x 0.33 l returnable bottles, this is a classic and always a welcome present.
  • A dozen tastes even better For a slightly larger round among friends. 12 x 0.5 l bottles.
  • Our 0.5 l can The simplest and most secure way of enjoying beer. Ideal for travelling.
  • The eight-pack The six-pack’s bigger brother. From now on it’s: I can’t wait for eight. For everyone who wants it bigger and better there is now the eight-pack. 8x 0.5 l cans.
  • The 5 l party keg Party fun fresh from the barrel. Because nothing tastes better than freshly tapped beer.
  • The 30/50 l barrel For celebrating and socialising.

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